The Mortimer Planter from Pennoyer Newman Conical Strapped Pot Iron Grid Planter Lion Planter
Modern Sqaure Planter Modern Bowl Planter Modern Square with Industrial Wheels
Modern Rectangular Modern Vessel Modern Planters in Trapezoidal Shapes
Olive Jar Modern Bowl Modern Rectangular Windowbox Modern Corner Planter Modern Rim Planter
Classic Square Planter Dutch Planter Dutch Planter Cedar Plank Planter Roman Numeral Planter
Square Paneled Planter Rectangular Paneled Trough Round Paneled Planter Paneled Windowbox Five Flower Medallion Planter
Florentine Round Planter Square Florentine Planter Rectangular Florentine Planter Extra Large Square Florentine Planter Florentine Round Pot
Oval Icon Planter Fleur-de-lys Icon Planter Gothic Icon Planter Laurel Leaves Icon Planter Circle Icon Planter
Tall and Short Cylinder Planter Square Vase Basic Square Planter Lerio Planter Roll Rim Planter
Pointed Leaf Planter Art Deco Planter Tall Alpine Trough Low Alpine Trough Alpine Rock Planter
Galvanized Pot French Vintage Washtub Riveted Round Riveted Rectangle Fluted Square
Tree Hollow Planter Woolen Mill Barrel Whiskey Barrel Japanese Rain Barrel Hortulus Vessel
Basketweave Planter Lattice Windowbox Lattice Square Planter The Park Avenue Planter Royal Crown Planter
MacKenzie Planter Elizabethan I Square Planter Elizabethan Trough Elizabethan II Square Planter Diamond Gargoyle Pot
Contemporary Planter with Handle Insets Low Squat Planter Basic Windowbox Zinc_cast Square Planter Zinc-cast Rectangle Planter
Lion Plaque Planter The King's Crown Square Planter Lion Window Box Chinese Jar Chinese Symbol Square Planter
Egg Cup Planter Egg Cup Planter Egg Cup Planter Rolled Rim Planter Hortulus Egg Cup Planter
Safari Pot Gladiator Window Box Round Cupid Planter Hex Cherub Pot Cornelia Guest Planter
New York Botanical Planter Fruit Pot Morgan Lead Pot (available as full and half pot) The Ladew Container Parthenon Plaque Container
Grapevine Wall Basket Compote Bowl Ridder Round Sau Paulo Square Planter Frick Garden Pot
Petite Garland Pot Petite Garland Pot without rim Petite Oval The North Wind Pot Hexigon Pot
Petite Pots and Vases Petite Pots Small Greek Urn Old Westbury II Pot Spanish Garland Planter
Garland Swag Planter Garland Square Planter Garland Windowbox Truscon Pot Lion Windowbox
Morgan Della Robbia Planter Grand Lion Planter Baroque Planter Grape Ophelia Pot Spanish Ring Pot
Beehive Pots Morgan Nile River Vessels Shell Large Shell Botticelli Shell
Lion Pot Risers Flowerette Medallion Initial & Monogram Medallion Oval Medallion Fleur-de-lys Medallion
Laurel Leaves Medallion Round Medallion Chinese Spring Symbol Chinese Summer Symbol Chinese Fall Symbol
Chinese Winter Symbol